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Pokemon Porn Story: Mind Games

Pokemon Porn Story: Mind Games

Mewtwo laughed as Mew lay at his feet. Pathetic, did you think you could beat me? Mewtwos deep laugh echoed through the cavern. I admit you took me by surprise, but your powers are nothing compared to mine. Mewtwo looked around him. He had the human males killed out right. They had nothing he needed. He then enslaved their pokemon, with but the simplest mental command. Mewtwo was surprised at how easy it was, but then again, this body was full of surprises. Now that he had taken on what passed for resistance in this world, he could have some fun.
There were three girls in the cavern not under Mewtwos control. Misty, the orange haired girl, Kari, the young brunette from another world, and Gatomon, the white feline digimon, Karis partner. Gatomon, Gatomon, Gatomon. Mewtwo smiled at Gatomon. She was by the far worse looking in the lot. She had been raped for hours even before Ash had come to a valiant rescue, which Mewtwo stopped in a heartbeat. Were these the ones meant to stop me? Mewtwo picked up Mew gingerly. Hardly worthy. Continue reading
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Ash Ketchum hard screw wondrous dame Jessie

Pokemon Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Ash Ketchum hard screw wondrous dame Jessie
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