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PM Ladies XY

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Pokemon Porn Story: Pokemon House Party Part 2

Pokemon Porn Story: Pokemon House Party Part 2

Good mornings are made of these. You’re the Pokémon League champion, your stock in Nintendo has went up 30 points, your mother is out for a while, and the sun is just rising. But most importantly, your best friend, just recently turned girlfriend, a glorious-looking one at that, has her warm, soft body up against you. She’s like a dream filter, letting thoughts of happiness and joy pass though them; while keeping the awful elements of nightmares far away. And when she has her slender arms around you, you couldn’t help but to smile. You’re like her teddy bear, and most girls love teddy bears.

A dark-haired boy, laying in his room, was in that exact situation with the redhead of his dreams. She was still wearing that sexy two-piece lingerie set that she was sporting last night. He noticed that the pokemon were still asleep. He decided to get up, but he forgot about his girlfriend’s surprisingly tight grip on him. It was then that he thought of a way of getting her awake. He turned his head around, maneuvered himself a little, then pecked her on the lips.

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Pokemon Porn Story: A hot summer day

Pokemon Porn Story: A hot summer day

Ash: 19, younger than Misty by 7 months

Misty: 19

Brock: 23

Delia: 44

Disclaimer: not mine, obviously.

ReAD oN!!….

A Hot Summer Day…

By Kristina Chang

It was a warm, sunny day outside. Maybe a little too warm and too sunny. Everyone was inside the Ketchum residence watching TV, the fan blowing in their faces. The air conditioner was on and everyone was chilling in the living room. There were no Pokemon anywhere because Professor Oak “stole” them for a very secret research project. It was doubtful that even HE knew what it was.

“Argh!! This is so boring! I need something to do!” Misty yelled out in frustration.

“Why don’t you… why don’t you go take a nap or something?” Brock suggested.

“I would, but, you know, the guest room doesn’t have air condition and the fan isn’t that great either! I’ll just melt right here…” Misty trailed off, sighing in bliss with her eyes closed.

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Pokemon Porn Story: The sleeping pokemon first part

Pokemon Porn Story: The sleeping pokemon first part

I didn’t write this. the author is Vashinred


ASH! Don’t use water gun, it’s a”- Too late, the water was shot and the enemy ElectroBuzz immanently Shot a current through it, shocking Ash’s Water type Poke’mon.”ASH!!!” yelled misty, “When WILL YOU LEARN??? WATER CANT WIN IF IT’S FACING ELETRIY!!!” “Oh…sorry misty,” said ash, “I promise I wont forget again.”

“Good now…HEY! THAT’S SARCASIM!” “Took you a while didn’t it?” as he snickered away. Ash paid the trainer the money they had bet on, 20$.

Though they had been traveling for almost 4 years, ash still had much to do. Though some of his Pokemon had evolved, most had not.

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Bottomless May gets banged in the woods!

Pokemon Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Bottomless May gets banged in the woods!
This hottie gets screwed ass to pussy till she oozes jizz out of her two pleasure slits… Nasty Pokemon frames are at stock for you to enjoy… Lusty Pokemon alley cat dreams for this awesome black tool shoved deep into her asshole, and then blow it till it dumps cream giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on…

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Pokemon Porn Story: Ash and Misty Forever

Pokemon Porn Story: Ash and Misty Forever

Ages –  Ash: 21                        Brock: 28

            Misty: 22         Tracey: 27

            Gary: 22          Gizelle: 22


            Well today our heros are starting off in the Ketchum residences. Ash, Misty, Brock and Tracey have been there ever since Ash had finally reached the top as Pokémon League Champ the first time ever about six years ago against Gary Oak. (If you read, “Ash Becoming a Love Machine” from before you would know what I’m talking about). Now that Ash had retained his title for six years straight destroying everyone who went up against him his life now was turned to his one and only Misty. Misty was now matured and more “experienced” in things she wasn’t before. Life was happy for the young couple. Ash knew what drove him to beat his opponents so badly was Misty’s rewards for winning. Ash now also more matured and “experienced”. Even though Ash wasn’t as rich as he should’ve been he knew why he wasn’t because of buying so many Trojan condoms. Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Pikachu and Togepi were all happy. Every night Ash and Mistys rooms would be filled with ecstacy while in Brock and Tracey’s separate room they could hear them soon after Ash put up soundproof walls around his room. When it was once again time for Ash to start training about two months before the Pokémon League Ash would use his main team, Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Lapras, Snorlax, and Gyrados as a final Pokémon. (I don’t really believe in Venasaur that much so I didn’t put him in there). Of course he would train hard but since Ash’s Pokémon were already at a high level by now he didn’t have to train much so with his spare time he spent time with Misty up in their room. Now Ash was happy with his life having sex on pretty much a daily basis and Misty by his side.

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Pokemon Porn Story: House Party Part 1

Pokemon Porn Story: House Party Part 1

“Ash, dear, I have to tell you something really important!” Miss
Ketchum yelled up to her son.

“Okay, mom.  On my way,” Ash yelled back, “Misty, I’ll be right back.
I just have to talk to mom for a second.”

“Okay, Ash,” said Misty from her room, “Just tell me when you’re ready
to leave.”

“Guess what?” Miss Ketchum asked Ash.

“What?” Ash cluelessly answered.

“I’m going to Japan!”

“You are!?” Ash said in an upbeat tone, “Why are you going there?”

“My company is planning to merge with this Japanese corporation up
there.  If it goes through, we’ll be able to produce more jobs for
Pokémon Island.  Plus, we may get increases in our salaries!  Then I’ll
be able to get one of those new luxury vehicles!”

“Cool!  Having more jobs would be great for us!”

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May’s boobies will make you to cum in no time!

Dawn Pokemon Porn

Hentai Picture: May’s boobies will make you to cum in no time!
Ever dick dreaming Pokemon girls have such sexy body curves that it would be full shit not to pump them in and out… A thick dong drilling Dawn’s asshole and beaver gives her a big O over and over again. Gabbing and licking is the way each Pokemon pastimes to begin, but the continuation can never be foretold!

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Pokemon Porno Story: Under the moonlight

Pokemon Porno Story: Under the moonlight

It was late at night, and Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu were all huddled in sleeping bags,
even Pikachu with his own yellow little sleeping bag, breathing deeply, occasionally
rustling around to get into a more comfortable position. The embers from the fire were
still burning, sending a thin black cloud of smoke into the cool night air.
Ash lay awake, staring up at the stars, thinking about how much he loved Misty, even
though it didn’t show, sometimes, he cared deeply about her.
Turning his head, he gazed at Misty’s sleeping body, huddled in a purple sleeping bag,
hands under her head. Her beautiful orange hair waved some as cool gusts of wind played
through it, and the gentle moonlight reflected off of her features. Ash gazed down her
body, looking at the shape of it under the thick covering. Half of her body was out of the
bag, and she shivered in her sleep from the wind. Ash longed to warm her with his own body
heat, to send flaring heat with a kiss.or even more.
He continued to stare, and he looked at Misty’s silky white nightgown. He peered at her
breasts through the thin material, and longed to caress them. Suddenly, Ash felt himself go
hard, wincing at the longing to satisfy his lust. Slowly, he crept out of his own sleeping
bag, carefully trying not to make the fabric rub together. He crawled over to Misty, and
quietly unzipped her sleeping bag. He gaped at her marvelous body form, starting at her
delicate facial features, and trailing down to admire her almost full breasts, the rose
nipples appearing under the fabric, down to her waist, and in between her legs, where her
sky blue lace panties could be seen through the silk. Ash clenched his teeth, he urged to
be inside her, feeling her warmth all over him, and kissing and rubbing her petite breasts.
Daringly, Ash lifted the bottom of her nightgown, bringing it up just above her breasts.
He almost drooled seeing her naked breasts, now bounced free from the tight nightie. He
gazed at her crotch, urging to pull the panties off, but that would be just too risky.
Misty shivered, and yawned, making Ash’s stomach lurch and tighten, it would be a
nightmare come true if she awoke.
It did come true.
Misty’s blue (I think that they are blue..*lol*) eyes fluttered open half way, than all the
way when he saw the petrified Ash kneeling over her exposed body.
“Ash!” she choked in a tired, yet surprised voice, “What do you think you’re doing?!” she
practically shouted.
“Not so loud, Misty, you’ll wake Brock and Pikachu.” Ash whispered. There wasn’t much of
a risk there, though, for both Brock and Pikachu were very heavy sleepers, who could sleep
through a tornado if they were tired enough.
Ash gazed at Misty’s blushing face, and smiled. Misty realized how utterly sweet he
looked, even though he could be a pain in the ass sometimes. She secretly loved him, and
hoped that it was the same case for Ash. Misty stressed a smile as well.
“Misty, I..I.” Ash stuttered, his cheeks getting rosy-red.
“I love you too, Ash” Misty finished. Ash smiled, and combed his fingers through her silky
hair. His touch drove Misty wild, and she began to get slightly wet in her panties. A musky
sort of sent filled and warmed the cold air around them. Misty noticed Ash drooling over
her breasts.
“May I?” he asked, almost formally. Misty nodded, and blushed heavier. Ash started
slowly, placing his firm, but gentle hands on the sensitive soft flesh on Misty’s chest.
How he longed to do this, he thought, rubbing and rolling her breasts together. Misty
moaned quietly, as a rush of pleasure filled her body, sending a rush of love juice out of
her crotch, intensifying the smell even more. This is amazing, Misty thought, I’ve never
felt anything like this..god, I want more.. Misty moaned louder as Ash’s pink tongue licked
the tips of her pink nipples. Instantly, her nipples hardened, getting diamond hard in
seconds. Ash closed his eyes and suckled like a newborn on Misty’s right breast, winning
another soft cry of pleasure from Misty. Sweat began to cover her body in tiny crystal
beads, mainly on her forehead. Ash brushed the droplets away, and continued suckling her
breasts, kneading them like dough while he was at it.
Misty raised her arms, and wrapped them around Ash’s waist, pulling down his pajama
pants, and practically tearing off his top. His muscles now were showing, and Misty loved
him even more.
Oh god, this is a dream come true, I’m getting stripped by Misty.god Ash thought, as his
already hard member grew more erect, and Ash began rubbing Misty’s breasts at a quicker
Denying herself no further, Misty pulled off Ash’s plain white boxers, exposing his
rather large member. She wasn’t sure how to do this, it was her first time, but she decided
to start from the top, and work her way down. She tickled the head of Ash’s manhood. Ash
moaned as pleasure surged through his blood, and slowly pushed his manhood into Misty’s
soft hands. Her gentle touch drove him wild, and he held back his hot cum until the right
moment. “AHhhhhhmmmm.” he moaned as Misty moved her hands up and down Ash’s erect member.
He moved his hips slightly, imagining he was pumping her crotch, which he hoped to do soon.
A sudden rush of warm pleasure, and hot breath knocked Ash out of his own sexual world, and
back into his other dream. Misty had inserted Ash’s rod into her mouth, and was slowly
moving it in and out at a steady pace.
This was too much for Ash, he came with a grunt, splattering Misty’s face with white,
sticky cum. Misty was surprised, and almost choked on it, and spit some out, not used to
this new and strange taste. Ash couldn’t help laughing, and Misty playfully glared at him
with gentle eyes. She lapped the rest of his semen up, swallowing it joyfully, now used to
this wonderful taste, and swirling some off her face and licking her sticky fingers
Ash was sick of staring at her lace panties, and slowly ran his hands down her body,
stopping to tickle her stomach playfully, earning a giggle and loving smile from his love,
and continued his journey down to his goal. He slowly inserted one finger under the soft
fabric, and slowly eased her panties off, Misty lifting her hips to help, blushing
slightly. A golden-red patch of hair covered Misty’s prize, and Ash ran his fingers through
it, sending a jolt of pleasure from Misty, who gasped at the sensation.
“Ya like that, hmm?” Ash cooed, leaning down to nuzzle the hair, and sent a lick up from
the bottom to the sensitive clit. Misty moaned, and her hips rose, and shuddered. Ash
continued to clean Misty well, enjoying the hot juices flowing out unto his tongue. He
joyfully lapped them up, and controlled himself from sticking his tongue in her entrance.
That was the job for something else.
“Ready, Misty?” Ash said, gazing into his love’s face, as he positioned himself over
Misty’s beautiful body.
“This is going to hurt, isn’t it?” Misty said, still showing a faint sign of worriedness.
“Only for a second, sweetie, it will turn into pleasure before you can cry.I promise.” he
“You’re lucky I’m trusting you!” Misty scolded, playfully, smiling. Both lovers laughed.
Ash couldn’t take it anymore, his lust growing, but he knew, he couldn’t hurt her.
Slowly, her lowered his body over her, lowering his hips over her entrance. He paused for a
moment, and looked up at Misty, who looked worried. He leaned over, careful not to let his
rod touch Misty’s pussy, he wanted to save the best for last, and kissed Misty as
passionately as he ever could, closing his eyes as Misty’s soft hand touched his cheek,
pulling his gentle face nearer to her. Their kiss broke, and Misty knew it was time.
Ash lowered his hips, and positioned his cock close to Misty’s pussy, and slowly fit the
head inside. It was so warm and tight, that Ash moaned in delight. Misty gasped as pleasure
rolled through her body. “Mmmm..soooo good.” Ash moaned, entering her further until her
virginity blocked him from going any further. He kissed Misty to calm her as he thrust past
her hymen, Misty cried out, breaking the kiss as a tear slipped free from her eyes. She
felt blood dribbling out of her pussy, and that made her moan, not from pleasure, this
time, but from pain, even louder. Ash took his finger, and caught the tear on her soft
cheek, and smiled.
“It’ll be all heaven from now on, I promise.” Ash said, slowly easing his rod in and out
of Misty.
Ash hadn’t lied, the pain vanished, and was replaced by huge waves of pleasure, both
lovers moaned, and Ash began to pump himself in and out of Misty at a faster pace, his hips
jerking up and down as her entered her countless times. Misty raised her hips to meet his
hard thrusts, grabbing his smooth rear, and pushing him in harder.
Ash bent over Misty, thrusting madly now, his pumping rod moving in and out in great
speed, their breaths growing shorter, and they began to pant as sweat covered their bodies,
both moving rapidly, Misty’s hips bucking wildly. Misty felt an orgasm coming up in her, as
her own fluid gathered up inside her, sending waves and waves of pleasure through her as
Ash continued to move his dick in and out of her very rapidly indeed. grinding his hips
into her each time.
Misty’s body couldn’t take it, her hips raised, and she came for the first time in her
life, as her muscles in her vagina tightened around Ash’s rod, who was still pumping madly.
An orgasm crashed through Misty’s body, and she almost screamed, but covered her own mouth
as her body moved from the pumping.
Ash still hadn’t experienced his first orgy yet, so he pumped Misty’s crotch like his
life depended on it, his rod thrusting, hips bucking up and down as his bent body leaned
over his lover. After sending Misty through her second orgasm, Ash came with a grunt as his
hot fluid emptied into Misty’s pussy. Misty moaned, and Ash slipped his limp rod out of
her, panting for breath.
“Ash.that.was.ughnnn..amazing..” Misty said, smiling, and brushing sweat-covered hair out
of her face. Ash smiled passionately at Misty, holding her in his arms as she gazed into
his auburn eyes. Both turned to see if Brock and Pikachu were still asleep.
Brock and Pikachu were sitting in front of them, eyes wide (Brock being the exception)
and jaws dropped to the ground below them. Ash and Misty both sweat dropped, and kissed
each other more passionately than ever.
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