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Pokemon Porn Story: Together In the woods

Pokemon Porn Story: Together In the woods

When one day while Misty was walkin through the woods she was ambushed from behind by team rocket’s jesse! she had no idea what was gonna happen but instead of attacking jesse just starts to talk. she asks Misty where ash is and Misty says “I dont know, why?”. Jesse then admits that she has been having an affair with ash and that she really needs to fuck him right now and also tells her that she is biesexual. Misty couldnt believe it this entire time she though that jesse was straight and that ash liked her. Then she tells Jesse that she is also a biesexual and then right in the middle of her sentence jesse starts to strip in front of her and says “Lets go wild”. And when she said that Misty’s Pussy started tingling like fuck. She then starts to take her cloths off and they start fuck each other in the pussy. with wild orgasimis just screaming out of the woods Jesse and Misty start making out and sucking each other’s tits and pussy’s like crazy. The they start taking out their designer dildoes and shove it up jesse’s pussy while misty shoves her dildoe up her ass. after about ten hours of rolling around on ground and fucking they get cleaned up and leave the woods together to find ash to confront him about their relationship. So stay tuned for the next story where Jesse and Misty confront ash with a possiblity of a horny threesome….
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Fat-jugged damsel Jessie view poundable

Truyen Pokemon Sex

Hentai Picture: Fat-jugged damsel Jessie view poundable
It staggers belief, but these daffy colossal painted Pokemon centrals know lots about sexy bacchic, they are not as virgin as you contemplated when you gaze them on TV. Let’s follow the example of a starlet from Pokemon who is getting hammeres on the side of the road after trying on some clothes in a shop a couple of minutes ago. Jessie swallows a long schlong, opens her asshole for dick and gets a load full of hot jizz in her ass.

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